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An Actual Survey (on women and Tolkien)

I am doing a presentation in the 2012 Tolkien at Kalamazoo area, at the International Congress of Medieval Studies, in May, 2012.

The purpose of this post is to invite women who are 18 and over and who are readers or fans of Tolkien's work and/or teachers who have taught Tolkien's work, and/or scholars who have published on Tolkien's work to answer a few open-ended questions about their reasons for enjoying his work.

By "women," I mean anybody who identifies as a woman.

By "Tolkien's work," I mean any of his published novels, stories, poems, or academic essays.

I will not be collecting any personal or identifying data, nor will I be attempting to make any correlations or connections between people's identity or social group and their enjoyment of Tolkien's work in this study.

Participants may reply anonymously, use a pseuodonym of their choice, or provide their legal name (or any variant of it) on the Dreamwidth site set up in connection with this project (

This project has been reviewed by my university's Institutional Review Board; full information is available on the home page at the Project journal.