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An Annotated Bibliography Project


Ignoring the fact that I have two essays due in the next few months, plus some others in various stages of process (meaning at editors who will no doubt have suggestions for rewrites), the mere fact that summer approaches means that New Ideas are surfacing, and one will not go away.

An annotated bibliography of sff that features female characters who are older.

I've done some searches online and don't see any existing one (though some great discussions and one fantastic amazing resource popped up). I don't see this as an academic project (in the sense of publication), more as an open-access one with the only planned publication being here on Dreamwidth.

To maintain some limits and time control, I currently plan to focus only on print works and to focus first on women authors. This may be a WIP for some time, so those limits may change in future.

I'm starting my own list, and some of the links below include possibilities. 

If you care to contribute any suggestions, feel free to drop names and titles below (full credit will be given for all suggestions of course).

I'm interested in secondary characters as well as protagonists. 

Links from first Google searches:

Reddit Fantasy

Middle Aged Women Fantasy

Sleeps with Monsters Liz Bourke  2013

 Ove Jansson's blog (multi-part series)


Catherine Lundoff's Dreamwidth


Brilliant annotated bibliography by Rebecca Marrall at my alma mater, Western Washington University

Hazel Stone

(Anonymous) 2017-05-02 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Hazel Stone in Robert Heinlein' s Space Family Stone aka The Rolling Stones. She also appears as a teenager in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. From Franny Moore-Kyle.