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References on Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Stylistics

Racefail 09 as Corpus Stylistics Project will become (it's in earliest stages--see the pilot project post) a collaborative project in a lab setting in my home department. Plans also involve a wiki or other online space where data is published for other's use. Let me emphasize: all this is in early stages, and I'm currently working on developing a three-five year plan for grants, etc.

Corpus Stylistics is akin to Corpus Linguistics, but where CL works primarily with spoken collections, CS works with print texts.

Corpus Linguistics:
Wikipedia article

Links to some Linguistic and Corpora

Books about Linguistic Corpora

Stylistics (simply put) is application of linguistic methodology to literary texts, or other print texts.

Wikipedia definition of Stylistics

Corpus stylistics is fairly new:

Corpus Stylistics Organization
Stylistics: Corpus Approaches

Corpus Stylistics Google Books

Corpus Stylistics can also be understood as one of many forms of Digital Humanities

NEH Office of Digital Humanities

Links Page with all Racefail Scholarship Entries.