Dec. 3rd, 2020

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This page will stay at the top of my journal to serve as a links page on my Racefail Scholarship.

ETA: To clarify a few points that are confusing some of the anons at Fail_Fandomanon.

1. I have never posted any sort of survey on that meme, or anywhere else on the internet, except for The only survey I ever did for fan scholarship. I am not a sociologist, nor an anthropologist, nor am I doing that sort of scholarship. (If you look at the survey, it's about reading preferences.) I do have training in sociolinguistics and stylistics which is what some of my scholarship in this journal is connected to. My work does not require any sort of demographic information, and when I have quoted individual fans in previous work (in regard to any issue, or analyzed their fiction, or icons), I have asked and obtained permission. Doing a data collection of anonymous and public posts on the internet which will result in quantitative and (perhaps, if we include a statistician on the team) statistical analysis does not require permission (and that has been determined by my university's IRB).

2. This one confuses me: Yep, I cite FFA as ONE entry on a "Works Cited" list. "Works Cited" means "any text cited in the paper," not "only academic works although those are cited too." If I analyze a Robert Frost poem, it's on the Works Cited list. If I'm analyzing patterns of topics in FFA, it's by gosh on the Works Cited page. /ETA

Repurposing my Academic Journal

Racefail 09 as Pilot Project

Info on corpus linguistics, corpus stylistics, digital humanities

Selected presentations on racism imbroglios in fandom

First presentations I did on racism imbroglios in fandom (predated Racefail 09).

Color Blind Racism in Racefail 09

Proposal/Abstract for Conference Presentation

Handout for Conference Presentation Remember: Pilot Project

Two proposals being considered for 2011 conferences

Chapter proposal for collection (has been accepted): White Privilege: I'm Soaking in it ETA: While the proposal was accepted, the editorial changes required started to take the work into a whole new direction requiring more work, and so I withdrew it from consideration.

Abstract and Handouts for "What do you mean 'pleasure', white man?" (given at University of Bristol conference):

What do you mean "pleasure" White Man?
Pleasure Table 1-2-3
Pleasure Table 4
Pleasure Table 5

There has been major growth in fan studies (and even more in internet studies--a much larger field of study) in the last few years. It's been a while since I did searches, so I've been doing some, and here are the results.

Caveat #1: I haven't read all these. I won't read them all. I will find some that look relevant to my areas of interest and read them.

Caveat #2: Mostly peer-reviewed scholarship. Just as "art" does not mean "good" or "literature," "ditto," the same is true here.

Part I: Overview of Peer-Reviewed scholarship on Fan Studies

March 6, 2011 search in Academic Search Review.

Part II: Overview of Peer-Reviewed Scholarship on Fan Studies.

Mostly MLA, mostly focusing on fan fiction and the vidding scholarship small as it currently is.

Part III: Overview of Peer-Reviewed Scholarship on Related Topics

Social sciences databases, Internet Communities and Participatory Culture.

March 2011 Presentation (Writing Democracy)

Working Draft: Pilot STudy (Public/Private/Local/Global)

Table One: Alphabetical List of TOpics

Table Two: TOpics

Table Three: Comments

May 1, 2017

This journal has been inactive for a number of years for various reasons (primarily some health problems I have been having as well as the aftermath of a tornado which hit our house in April 2014 (nobody hurt since it was a glancing blow).

I am hoping to start being more active here and on my fan account. I realized that I should have updated this entry with the two publications that are related to my work on Racefail:

"Bending Culture:'s Protests against Media Whitewashing."
Dis-Orienting Planets: Racial Representations of Asia in Science Fiction. Ed. Isiah Lavender III. Jackson, MI: U of Mississippi P., 2017. 189-203.

"The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-In": Reflexive Racialisation in Online Science Fiction Fandom." Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction. Ed. Isiah Lavender III. Jackson, MI: U of Mississippi P., 2014. 225-240.


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